Half year results

Annual results

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa posts record performances and accelerates growth in the interests of its members, customers and regions.The Board of Directors of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa approved the financial statements for 2021. The record performances achieved reflect the Group’s solid financial structure and the power of a model that helps drive economic growth and employment in the regions. The model has always been based on distinctive strengths, including a regional footprint, innovation culture and a focus on people, which have proved especially important in the economic and social environment of the last two years.


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BTOB Partnership

AXA Banque will transfer its IT activities and part of its back-office activities to Arkéa Banking Services. Nearly 180 AXA Banque employees will then join Arkéa Banking Services, the subsidiary of the Arkéa group dedicated to white label services.

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Banque Européenne d'Investissement

A €200m EIB loan

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Arkéa group have announced a financial package to help French SMEs and and medium-sized companies (ETIs) weakened by the Covid-19 health crisis. The two entities confirm their commitment to the development of French businesses, which are a source of vitality for the regions.

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Hélène Bernicot, Directrice générale du groupe Arkéa

In an article in the daily newspaper Le Télégramme, Hélène Bernicot, CEO of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, reminds us of the stakes involved in the fight for Arkéa's autonomy, which is much simpler than it seems, could be summed up as follows: which bank do we want - us, individual customers, companies, local authorities, associations - for tomorrow? A consolidated, centralised, more distant bank, less able to understand local issues and adapt to individual situations? Or a medium-sized bank, free to make its own choices, more flexible, rooted in its territories, in close contact with customers, elected representatives and local authorities? These are the terms in which the debate about Arkéa is being framed.

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Plaquette 2020 du groupe Arkéa-Services financiers 2

" Scale up opportunities."

This endorsement is a commitment. The Arkéa group is committed to helping its 4.7 million members and customers - individuals, professionals, businesses and associations - to carry out their projects. It is also an ambition to contribute to the responsible and sustainable development of society and the regions.Discover our presentation booklet.

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Arkéa completed its second social bond

€750 M dedicated to the economic development

Arkéa completed a second bond issue with social impact . This €750 million fund-raising will contribute to the economic development of regions in a context of unprecedented health crisis, via the financing/refinancing of loans to SMEs and the health sector in particular.

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Climate Strategy

From risk to opportunity

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa has defined its objectives in terms of combating global warming by 2024. Crédit Mutuel Arkéa is convinced that climate is both a risk factor and a development opportunity for the group and the regions.

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A unique methodology to measure its overall performance

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa is today unveiling its methodology, designed with technical input from the experts at PwC, for selecting the relevant non-financial indicators for the group and its stakeholders (e.g. number of jobs supported, water consumption, CO2 emissions, etc.), and converting each of these indicators into euros, a unit already used to calculate financial performance.

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Coal Policy

Directing financial flows towards low-carbon technologies and resources

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa is committed to phasing out coal by 2030 on a worldwide basis and, as of 2021, is strengthening its financing and investment framework for companies whose activity is linked to coal.

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Arkéa double son budget "Solidarités"

Arkéa strengthens its Solidarity budget

Arkéa increases its Solidarity budget to more than €4 million, to provide financial assistance to its customers - individuals, professionals and associations - weakened by the Covid-19 crisis. It is the Boards of Directors of each local bank of the CMB and CMSO federations that allocates the aid, after studying the concrete situations.

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Arkéa announces the acquisition of fintech Budget Insight

Arkéa has signed an agreement subject to conditions precedent relating to the acquisition of 80% of the capital of fintech Budget Insight, a real technological nugget in the data aggregation and payment initiation sector. Clément Cœurdeuil and Romain Bignon, founders of Budget Insight, as well as the management will remain shareholders of the company. The Arkéa Group is strengthening its position as a collaborative bank serving its partners and customers. Budget Insight's expertise in data aggregation and enrichment will enable it to offer customers a simple and seamless experience by integrating financial and extra-financial services into consumer usage.