Your personal data, our responsibility

Personal data is any information that directly or indirectly identifies a natural person, such as your name, address, telephone number, date of birth or the IP address with which you connect to the Internet.

With this document, we want to inform you clearly and transparently about the conditions under which we collect, process, store, archive and delete your personal data.

You will also find a reminder of the rights you have over your data as well as all useful information to exercise them


1 - What we do with your personal data

What personal information do we collect?

In strict compliance with the regulations in force, we mainly process personal data of three types:

  • The so-called declarative personal data, i.e. data collected directly from you or from partners with whom we have a contractual relationship;
  • Personal data generated in particular when using online services;
  • Personal data derived from public information, such as a public profile on social networks.

How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal data responsibly, for a specific and useful purpose.

This data helps us, based on your consent, to :

  • Measure the number of visitors to our site;
  • To keep you informed of our group's news, in particular by subscribing to our newsletters;
    In addition, on the basis of our legitimate interest, we process your personal data to improve your navigation on our site.

How long do we keep your personal data?

The storage periods, precisely defined, ensure that they do not exceed the time strictly necessary for the proper execution of the treatment. To determine each duration, we took into account:

  • The different purposes for which these data are collected;
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory or professionally recognized obligations to which we are bound.

The data processed for :

  • Measure the number of visitors to our site are kept 13 months;
  • Improve your navigation on our site are automatically destroyed after a duration of about half an hour from the end of your navigation;
  • We keep you informed of our Group's news by subscribing to our newsletters for the duration of your subscription.

Is your personal data disclosed to third parties?

We consider that all data concerning you constitute confidential data.

However, and for the purposes detailed above, you authorize us, by providing us with your personal information, to share this data for the benefit of our service providers and subcontractors.


2 - Our security system, your rights

How do we protect your data?

A reliable information system

We take the security of your data very seriously. In view of the nature of the personal data and the risks presented by the processing, we have taken a whole series of necessary measures to preserve them and prevent them from being distorted, damaged, made inaccessible or from being accessed by unauthorised third parties.


Sensitized employees

We have also taken organizational measures, through the training of teams dedicated to the issue of information security.

More generally, we make all our employees aware of the protection of personal data and ensure that they respect the regulations in force as well as our company's ethics.


Trusted partners

We choose subcontractors or service providers who offer a high level of guarantees regarding the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures. Therefore, we ensure that the processing of your data meets the requirements of the regulations in force concerning the protection of personal data.


Unfailing responsiveness

If we notice an incident with an impact on personal data, we take care, according to the framework imposed by regulations, to notify it to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) as soon as possible after having taken knowledge and to inform the persons concerned.


What are your rights and how can you assert them?

In terms of personal data, you should know that you have a series of dedicated rights, such as :

  • A right of access, rectification, opposition, limitation, deletion and portability of your personal data.
  • A right to define instructions concerning the storage, deletion and communication of your personal data, after your death.
  • A right of complaint to the CNIL.

How to exercise your rights?

You can express your different rights:

  • From the e-mail address: ;
  • Or by writing to Crédit Mutuel Arkéa Communications Department, 1 rue Louis Lichou 29480 Le Relecq-Kerhuon.

Right to portability

As part of the exercise of the right to portability, we will return the declarative data to you. As a reminder, this concerns data that we may collect directly from you or data collected indirectly from third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship.


The role of the Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer ensures compliance with personal data protection regulations within the Group. It informs and advises the Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa on all matters relating to the protection of personal data. He is also the contact person for the CNIL, our supervisory authority, for any question relating to the management of personal data.

You can reach our DPD:

By e-mail:

By post: Mr. le Délégué à la Protection des Données- Crédit Mutuel Arkéa -29808 Brest Cedex 9

Are the rules changing? We're informing you!

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Publication date: 20/02/2024